Search Space Inc. Launches "I2oT", a product to accelerate AI development using IoT data

Search Space Inc. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Ryosuke Goto, hereinafter referred to as Search Space), a provider of AI and software technology services for highly specialized fields, has started recruiting partner companies that wish to conduct demonstration experiments using its IoT sensor-connected AI package, I2oT, from June 23, 2021.

Product Development Background

Against the background that the analysis and utilization of data is often a bottleneck in verification experiments using IoT devices, and that labor and other costs tend to be high in verification experiments using AI, we have developed a package that allows users to easily try out a series of flows in which data collected by sensors is trained into AI and machine learning models.

The basic sensors to collect data are already included in the package, and the AI system to automatically learn the data from those sensors is also available in the cloud. By simply installing and maintaining the sensors, you can check how the AI is learning from the web dashboard.

Expanding Possibilities with the Product

This product is designed for use cases where sensors are installed in buildings, manufacturing equipment, power generation facilities, or any other target where abnormalities are to be detected. The AI embedded in this product can also be used to analyze objects for which you want to make future predictions, such as water levels in rivers or electricity consumption (it can also be applied to other fields).

The AI automatically learns from past data to do these two things. Although our product does not require tedious annotation work, it is possible for humans to provide correct labels and let the system learn tasks such as classification and regression through so-called "supervised learning”

By placing sensors in different locations and on different objects, and letting AI learn from them, there will be more possibilities to automatically acquire insights and useful information that were previously unavailable.

The analysis results can be obtained via API, so they can be used to control various facilities such as air conditioning and sluice gates.

Origin of the name I2oT

We have named our next-generation IoT solution the Intelligent Internet of Things, or I2oT for short, in the hope that the data from these sensors will be more useful in the field.

Since IoT solutions to date have often had issues with data analysis and connection to AI, and difficulties have arisen in utilizing the acquired data, our goal is to create "intelligent" solutions that are predicated on the use of AI.

Framework for Demonstration Experiment Partners

A partnership agreement must be concluded between our company and the partner company of the demonstration experiment.

Through this partner agreement, you will be able to participate in demonstration tests before the official release of the product, making it possible to conduct advanced demonstration tests at a low budget and to clarify the feasibility of the solution at an early stage.

After the contract is signed, we will provide our package to our partner companies for their demonstration experiments by charging a license fee for the required period (the cost will vary depending on the number of sensors required and the scale of analysis).

After the sensors are installed, you can check how the AI learns on our web dashboard and download the models after checking their performance. If you would like to continue using the web dashboard, or if you would like to continue using the API that provides the models after the demonstration period, we will charge you a monthly fee to maintain the API.

Customization costs may apply if individual customization is required, and consultation costs may apply if a data scientist attends the demonstration.

How to Apply for Partnership

We will ask for the following outline and issue a quote.

  1. Themes for demonstration experiments
  2. Your target for AI prediction
  3. Possible sensor types

Once we have agreed on the details of the quotation, we will proceed to conclude the partnership agreement after a brief assessment.

After the contract is signed, we will contact you to schedule the installation of the sensor and start using the web dashboard.

About Search Space Inc.

Since our founding in 2019, we have supported various research institutions and companies developing advanced products with our AI and software technologies.

Our goal is to contribute to the realization of a better society through technology by widely developing our expertise in advanced analysis and implementation, which we have cultivated mainly in the medical and infrastructure fields.